Outsourced Market Intelligence


Even though reliable data can be hard to obtain in the container shipping industry, most shipping lines, shippers, forwarders and ports find that this part of the market intelligence process is in reality the easy part.

The truly difficult task is the analysis of the data – preferably in the context of the company’s own market position. This is a task which requires not only expertise, but also the ability to have time dedicated to this purpose alone. And time is often at a premium in an organization where focus is, for good reason, levied on operations and/or sales. Furthermore, in many companies, market intelligence and analysis is not necessarily a full-time position – and hence recruiting the expertise needed is difficult.

SeaIntel Maritime Analysis has the expertise to analyze market developments, and find those pieces of data which are of true value to the decisions at hand. Removing all the clutter and allowing for a clear view of the pertinent developments.

We offer Market Intelligence and Market Analysis as an outsourced service, providing regular information and insights of direct use to their business as well as direct use of world-class expertise.

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