SeaIntel Maritime Analysis offers the ideal introduction course to fundamentals in container shipping.

The course is aimed at new employees working with shippers, carriers, forwarders, ports, terminals, financial institutions and anyone else with a need to understand the fundamental driving forces in the industry.

Upon completion of the course, the participants will have a solid frame of reference to understand why the different market players behave the way they do. This knowledge will enable them to perform better in their daily interaction – or negotiation - with other participants in the market.

The course is ideally suited to quickly bring new employees to a higher level of understanding and insight.

Currently no open places are available on the online course, however sessions for client enrolling a minimum of 10 students can be arranged. For these clients, the price per student is 599 Euro up to 10 students. Additional students can be added at a price of 399 Euro per student.

Course content:

Session 1: Basics
  • Tramp vs. Liner Trade
  • Advantages of containerization
  • Common standards and acronyms
Session 6: Cost and revenue
  • Main cost drives for a carrier
  • Main revenue drivers for a carrier
  • Scale economics
Session 2: Trades
  • Main trades and commodities
  • Trade imbalances
  • Dry versus reefer trades
  • Growth drivers in different trades
Session 7: Organization
  • Own agencies versus 3rd party agencies
  • Organization of carrier
  • The role of sales versus customer service
Session 3: Vessels
  • Different container vessel types
  • The size of a container vessel
  • Owned versus chartered vessels
  • Market cyclicality
Session 8: Shippers
  • Different types of shippers
  • The role of forwarders/NVOCCS
  • Pricing for different customer types
Session 4: Networks
  • Development of a liner service
  • Liner networks
  • Hub and spoke operations
  • Main haul versus feeder services
Session 9: Environment
  • Carriers' approach to environmental issues
  • Emissions
  • Scrapping
  • Ballast water
Session 5: Carriers
  • Main deep-sea and niche carriers
  • Different carrier value propositions
  • Alliances and vessel sharing agreements
  • Conferences and discussion agreements
Session 10: eCommerce
  • eCommerce developments
  • Web tools
  • EDI
  • Potals